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Wedding Planning Advice

12 to 24 Month Prior

The most important part of the wedding process is. Be sure to give yourself more than a full year. Planning without that having to rush and being able to work out every last detail will provide peace of mind. Start by choosing a wedding date and announce your engagement to close friends and family (don’t be afraid to ask for help and some might offer)

• Choose a wedding date
• Scout and choose a location for the ceremony and reception
• Consider hiring a wedding planner or consultant
• Establish a budget for the wedding and start compiling a to do list

At this point, consider and compile thoughts about your upcoming wedding. Having the ideas down on paper will help you keep focus as you plan your occasion. Once you have settled on a location, book the venues. Remember that popular sites and vendors might book up to two years ahead. So if you plan on holding the engagement at a popular location, make the reservation at least 18 month ahead of time.

Once the ceremony and reception sites have been booked, seek out potential vendors. This is where having some of your thoughts compiled will come in handy. It will be easier to sort through the vendors if you have some of our own concepts already outlined. Consider which vendors understand your mentality and will help realize your concepts and wishes within your budget. Remember that wedding vendors are there to help you secure and realize your dream wedding. They should be helpful, flexible, reliable, and engaging.

• Book ceremony and reception locations
• Start compiling ideas, examples, thoughts, and desires for your wedding day
• Compile a list of potential vendors and contact them inquiring about their services
• Begin shopping wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses

6-12 Month Prior

Once your vendors have been secured, its time to start sorting out the details. This is where the real work begins. We suggest starting by developing a rough guest a. The next step is to shop wedding accessories like invitations, dresses, or wedding favors.

This part of the process can be especially overwhelming so it pays off to allow plenty of time and stay organized.

Another excellent tip for staying on top of planning the wedding and keeping your friends and family in the loop is to set up a wedding website. Blogging is a free and easy way to host a site with plenty of options and no obligations.

• Compile guest list
• Create wedding website if desired
• Order wedding invitations, envelopes and thank you cards
• Register at one or more bridal gift centers
• Start planning the honeymoon!!
• Purchase wedding favors if desired
• Book accommodations for out-of-town guests and compile a list of things to do
• Finalize guest list and send out save the date cards
• Reserve transportation for wedding party or guests
• Book officiant for ceremony

2 – 6 Months Prior

Hopefully by now, much of your wedding has been planned and your vendors are in the process of guiding you through the final steps. Now you can get ready to send out invitations! Most send invites 8 – 12 weeks before the date. Depending on the time of year, you might want to give your guests a little extra time to plan for the event. Especially if it’s a destination wedding or there are lots of out of town guests.

Other important tasks are ordering the wedding cake from your selected bakery and reserving any tables or chairs from your desired party rental company.

• Send out invitations
• Order wedding cake
• Reserve party rental items
• Select wedding readings
• Meet with officiant to discuss ceremony details
• Meet with caterer to discuss menu and wine list
• Organize rehearsal dinner details

2 Weeks – 2 Months prior

Congratulations, you are now in the home stretch of planning your wedding. Pretty soon you will be able to enjoy all your hard work. Now is the time for sorting out last minute details, purchase wedding accessories and put together your seating list.

These tasks may seem overwhelming but remember to stay calm and ask for help when needed. Your vendors, family, and close friends are wonderful resources not to be overlooked.

• Put together seating arrangements
• Create place or name cards
• Purchase wedding accessories like guest book, toasting glasses, cake knife, wedding ring pillow
• Continue to update wedding website if necessary
• Choose stylist
• Book final gown, tux, and bridesmaid fitting
• Meet with all vendors to finalize details
• Pick up wedding bands and any other made to order accessories
• Confirm ALL reservations from ceremony sites to accommodations and transportation services

1-Week Prior

Try to relax and prepare for your big day. Hopefully everything will have come together smoothly since the whole process was planned perfectly from the begging! Tie up any last minute details or changes.

One day Prior

Greet guests or family that have arrived in town for the wedding. Most importantly make sure to get ample rest for your big day. And finally, enjoy it, your wedding day is here and everything is perfect; congratulations…

Thanks for reading. We hope you found this helpful.

Best wishes,

Michael Daigian Design

Stay tuned for updates including more advice, ideas, vendors and more

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