Monday, April 27

Michael Daigian Design new Media Kit!!!

Michael Daigian Design is a reflection on the current state of Floral and Event Design. His team of highly professional designers constantly reinvents and explores the concept of modern floral design while providing a service that leaves customers feeling valued and satisfied.

Michael Daigian is a Third Generation San Francisco florist with a firm understanding of designs past and the future of floral design. He combines a design and engineering background with his vast knowledge of floral and event design to produce events from simple and beautiful to extravagant and innovative. The Michael Daigian Design philosophy is visual art in an obtainable package.

More than anything, Michael Daigian has a passion for realizing his client’s vision. MD Design is place where craftsmanship, experience, and originality are commonplace. The MD Design signature experience offers unprecedented standards of service to ensure each customer feels ‘understood’ and ‘appreciated’. MD Design is a destination for not only exciting floral designs but also the ultimate in personal service.

• MDD offers an experience unique and extraordinary, where innovative floral and event design meets your personalized needs.
• MDD is professional designers with the experience to deliver on any event.
• The MDD experience offers unprecedented standards of service regardless of your event size and budget.
• MDD is a place where the customer can feel special, understood, and valued and their events perfectly suited to their tastes.

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