Friday, April 10

Picán:: A Taste of the South

Picán, Michael Daigian Design's newest restaurant account, opened its doors on March 23rd! Michael Daigian Design would like to welcome Picán to the Bay Area and would like to express our excitement to be involved in their unique creation.

Here is the Restaurant's Description:

"Picán. More than a restaurant, bar and lounge. Pican is an extraordinary, ever-evolving experience.

It is the tantalizing aromas, rich tastes, stimulating colors, layered textures, enveloping sounds. It is Artisan Southern Cuisine. Distinctive, authentic, farm fresh — the legacy of the African-American kitchens of the South. A delicious mélange of Southern, Cajun, Creole and Caribbean influences.

It is a full-service bar and lounge with Southern Twists and classic standards, alongside the most comprehensive Bourbon selection in the Bay Area –– single barrel; small batch; blended.

The tradition of the South. California sophistication. A vibrant cosmopolitan energy.


Picán is not to be missed and the same goes for neighboring restaurant, also featuring Michael Daigian floral Decor, Ozumo.

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