Tuesday, July 27

Wedding: Vibrant Summer Garden, Piedmont

Picturesque, magical, and casually elegant. These are some of the words to describe the wedding at the Piedmont Community Center. The venue, Mediterranean in style, is absolutely elegant, chic, and thoughtfully designed. If you are looking for an indoor/outdoor venue, this place is not to be missed. We created a colorful 'summer garden look' to compliment the natural setting of the venue, using delphinium, snap dragon, dahlia, brodia, garden rose, hydrangea, lisianthus, and sweet pea.
Guests talked about how magical and beautiful the setting was, surrounded with tall redwood trees. Near by passers kindly kept commenting on how pretty the flowers looked and asked who the florist was :) Most importantly, Missy, the bride, enthusiastically told us that the setting was exactly what she had envisioned. All the hard work that goes into a wedding is worth it when we see the bride's face light up with joy. The fabulous Paula LeDuc did the catering.

Wednesday, July 21

party favors

eBeans-to-bar chocolate perfection, divinely fresh cream puffs, and out of this world organic maple honey caramel... These are some of our favorite sweet treats to share with you. They would all make great party favors for your guest.

Mast brothers chocolate is created from their bean-to-bar chocolate factory in Brooklyn - one of only a handful of artisan chocolate makers in the U.S. Their chocolate is handmade by the mast brothers themselves in small batches, just from cocoa bean and sugar, so it is as pure as it can get. It comes in a beautifully detailed packaging. It is sold around the country including Miette Confiserie in San Francisco. Click here to read the New York Times article featuring Mast brothers chocolate.

On recently celebrating their 1 year anniversary, Pacific Puffs continues to make the most delicious and freshest cream puffs in San Francisco. Created from an old family recipe, Pacific Puffs have perfected these little treats! We strongly urge you to visit their store on union street in pacific heights and try these amazing creations if you haven't done so already. Their "mini puffs" are guaranteed to be a hit at your next party.

Certified organic sea salt and caramel sauce made with pure maple and honey in San Francisco! Sweet Revolution makes the best organic caramel treats, and it comes in a beautifully designed packaging. Besides using the best organic ingredients without corn syrup or cane sugar, they are also nut-free, gluten-free, and their packaging is compostable.

Thursday, July 15

Bridal Bouquet

There are endless design possibilities for a bridal bouquet. Lately we've had more brides requesting cascade bouquets for their wedding day. Here is a bouquet we created for a bride over the weekend, using phalaenopsis orchids, peonies, blushing brides, garden roses, spray roses, and dendrobium orchids. The cascade bouquet is the most traditional of bouquets. It is designed to fall gracefully for a sophisticated look.

Originally referred to as shower bouquets, cascading bouquets are also known as 'teardrop' bouquet or 'trail' bouquet. By 1920, this style of bouquet became exaggerated. The bouquet was so large that it almost concealed the bride. They reached their peak from 1920 till the 1930's, up until World War II. This style of bouquet was subsequently renamed 'the princess,' in honour of the late Princess Diana, who, during her wedding, showed the world an impressive bridal bouquet. The new, smaller shower bouquet regained top position about thirty years ago. The shower then gave rise to the popularity of the similar teardrop, trail and cascade bouquets. The most contemporary is the cascade bouquet, featuring waterfall-shaped dimensions.

Monday, July 5

Press: Southern Weddings Magazine

Michael Daigian Design is featured in the southern weddings magazine blog. This inspirational photo shoot was a collaboration between amazingly talented people, including Shannon Leahy, for planning, and Hello!Lucky, for invitation design. We were very pleased to be part of it. Please click here to read more and view all the details beautifully captured by Larissa Cleveland.