Thursday, July 15

Bridal Bouquet

There are endless design possibilities for a bridal bouquet. Lately we've had more brides requesting cascade bouquets for their wedding day. Here is a bouquet we created for a bride over the weekend, using phalaenopsis orchids, peonies, blushing brides, garden roses, spray roses, and dendrobium orchids. The cascade bouquet is the most traditional of bouquets. It is designed to fall gracefully for a sophisticated look.

Originally referred to as shower bouquets, cascading bouquets are also known as 'teardrop' bouquet or 'trail' bouquet. By 1920, this style of bouquet became exaggerated. The bouquet was so large that it almost concealed the bride. They reached their peak from 1920 till the 1930's, up until World War II. This style of bouquet was subsequently renamed 'the princess,' in honour of the late Princess Diana, who, during her wedding, showed the world an impressive bridal bouquet. The new, smaller shower bouquet regained top position about thirty years ago. The shower then gave rise to the popularity of the similar teardrop, trail and cascade bouquets. The most contemporary is the cascade bouquet, featuring waterfall-shaped dimensions.

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