Wednesday, April 21

Bouquets to Art 2010

This year's Bouquets to Art was absolutely stunning. It was so great to see everyone again this year and the designs were absolutely amazing and ingenious. We have a lot of great pictures that we will be posting in the coming days. Until then, enjoy a few from Michael Daigian and our designers, Jennifer Ortega-Lato, Nixon Tran, and Sonia Morsella.

Monday, April 12

Breaking News!! Gump's San Francisco MDD window display!!

Here is an exciting piece of Michael Daigian Design news. In anticipation of Bouquets to Art, starting April 19th, Michael Daigian Design was requested to do a display window installation at Gump's on Post Street.

The display was installed this morning, and although it was tough to take pictures with the reflections in the window, some still turned out good enough to post. MDD will be taking more pictures in the evening when reflections will not be an Issue. MDD would like to invite you to view the installation on Post Street at Gump's and hopes everyone can make it to Bouquets to Art next week!

We hope you enjoy the pictures...

Friday, April 2

Macy's 'Bouquet of the Day' Pictures

Michael Daigian Design's Macy's Flower Show 'Bouquet of the Day' was a enormous success. We would like to thank all the enthusiasts who made their way to Macy's in Union Square for the Flower Show. Michael Daigain Design's 'Bouquet of the Day' was taken down this morning so here are some photos in case you missed the piece in person.

The photographs are courtesy of talented photographer, Irja Elisa.

We would also like to remind you that Michael Daigian will be lecturing tomorrow at 2pm. Following this link for more information.