Monday, February 28

Monday's with Michael

 Flora Grubb: Beauty in the Bayview

I stumbled upon Flora Grubb about four years ago and have been a big fan ever since. This unique garden store in the Bayview district of S.F is one of the hidden gems that many locals don't know about. The gardens here at Flora Grubb promote the use of recycled materials, Eco-friendly succulents and sustainable horticulture that I can take back and apply to my floral designs back at the shop. I come here to find inspirational ideas and buy one of a kind metal artwork.  Not to mention I get my afternoon pick me up from Ritual Coffee. The staff is super helpful and are great at finding rare and exotic plants as well as cool metal artwork from local artists. Come by and take a look. You won't be disappointed that you made the trip out here!

Monday, February 7

Mondays with Michael

We here at MDD decided that a great way to start the week off was to have Michael share with you the in's and out's of the floral industry.  With Michael having over 25 years of experience and being a third generation San Francisco Floral Designer he has a unique perspective on both the floral industry and the history of it here in S.F!  Every other Monday Michael will write his own piece about what it takes to be a floral artist; the challenges, the designs, the drama! This will be your sneak peak of what really goes on behind the scenes of a successful floral studio.

To kick off this series, here's a few words from Michael about two recent industry events he participated in:

The floral world never stops moving and neither does it's designers....

I had envisioned January to be a slow month like it always is but I was mistaken this year. After we had packed up all of our holiday decor I thought we could breathe a little before Feb. 14th. Boy, was I wrong!  Mid way through the month we were at the Four Seasons Wedding Fair. The next day we had to designed a table-scape for ISES for their semiannual Designer Showcase when 5 days later I had to delve into another creation for The Special Event's Wedding Luncheon in Phoenix, Arizona. When I got back from Phoenix I was bombarded with Superbowl parties that needed attention.  The MDD team and I designed, executed and delivered the centerpieces just in time for kickoff!
To come up with something new and innovative was a challenge for both events. To say 'Hey I was the first who started that trend' is not easy. This is a constant challenge in this industry and my team of designers and I have to overcome it week after week. Now the next thing that's coming our way is Valentine's Day and what struck me was the preparation that is already going on at the S.F. Floral Market. We as designers never stop thinking, creating and executing. We never stop moving!

The S.F. Flower Market getting boxes ready for all of their orders next week.

Friday, February 4

The Special Event 2011 - The Wedding Luncheon Program

How does Michael stay current with the future trends in the floral and event industry? One way he does it is by attending industry related trade shows such as The Special Event 2011 in Phoenix Arizona. The highlight of the event was "The Wedding Luncheon", the theme, "In Love With Metallics".  The women responsible for this unique event was Heather Crabtree and Jennifer Thinnes of Outstanding Occasions. The guest speaker was the one and only Sasha Souza, Master Bridal Consultant. Visit Brett Culp to see a video of the before and after!

During the luncheon seven designers were asked to make vignettes inspired by the theme " In Love with Metallics". Michael along with Joyce Scardina Becker of Events of Distinction and Sharon Dexmier of Napa Valley Linens collaborated on this wonderful vignette inspired by the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles. Vibrant hues of red, orange and mauve flowers are interspersed amongst the opulent candelabras and rich fabrics that dominate this table-scape. Don't you wish you could be a guest that this party?

A big thanks to Mellisa Jill Photography who provided us with these amazing pictures!

Wednesday, February 2

ISES Semi Annual Designer Showcase at the S.F. Design Center

On January 18th we were honored to partner with Classic Party Rentals in a Vignette for the International Special Events Society (ISES) of Northern California. It was ISESs' Semi Annual Designer Showcase - Trends in Design and Decor. There were 5 designers that were asked to design and create a table-scape that incorporated their vision of future trends for the event industry. For event and floral designers it's a way to exercise their creativity! In the end the table looked absolutely fabulous and we were proud to be collaborating with Marisa Canoles and Susan Kidwell of Classic Party Rentals.  Also Michele Papineau of Papineau Calligraphy did a stellar job on the place cards. A big thank you to Myleen Hollero of Orange Photography for providing us with the pictures that we hope inspire you to create your own fabulous party scape!

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