Friday, February 4

The Special Event 2011 - The Wedding Luncheon Program

How does Michael stay current with the future trends in the floral and event industry? One way he does it is by attending industry related trade shows such as The Special Event 2011 in Phoenix Arizona. The highlight of the event was "The Wedding Luncheon", the theme, "In Love With Metallics".  The women responsible for this unique event was Heather Crabtree and Jennifer Thinnes of Outstanding Occasions. The guest speaker was the one and only Sasha Souza, Master Bridal Consultant. Visit Brett Culp to see a video of the before and after!

During the luncheon seven designers were asked to make vignettes inspired by the theme " In Love with Metallics". Michael along with Joyce Scardina Becker of Events of Distinction and Sharon Dexmier of Napa Valley Linens collaborated on this wonderful vignette inspired by the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles. Vibrant hues of red, orange and mauve flowers are interspersed amongst the opulent candelabras and rich fabrics that dominate this table-scape. Don't you wish you could be a guest that this party?

A big thanks to Mellisa Jill Photography who provided us with these amazing pictures!

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sasha souza said...

Michael, you were such a rockstar at TSE! Congrats on working so hard to make that space happen, you're a wonderful professional to know and a huge talent.