Tuesday, July 14

Floral Fashion

To all floral enthusiasts,

Flowers give off a wonderful aroma and arrangements ought to appeal to your more architectural sensibilities; but COLOR is without a doubt the most intriguing aspect of floral design.

Color is a wonderful but often confusing and challenging aspect or tool in design work. Here are a couple insights on how color trends shift and evolve as our world quickly changes. I am, and suspect most are, heavily influenced by seasonal changes. This is an entirely personal sensibility. Some do not shift their pallets as much as others with the cycles of the seasons.

Certainly there are colors that are beyond seasonal trends; white, black, certain grays.

And in that same vein, color requests cannot and should not be ignored...after all, this is the service industry.

But keeping an eye out, suspecting and trying to gauge changes while attempting to be unique and individual is why designers are constantly drawn to this variable. In the past few years there has been an interesting shift towards muted and earthy, skin like, blended, or washed out colors.

The digital revolution has shifted the color palette trends from the sharp contrast of bold colors and put a very tangible and real feel on images and creations. The attempt to actualize or bring to life digital images has lead to the toning down of colors in the interest of believability.

This is not meant at all as a dismissal of digital media. Rather a beautiful and very neutral pallet of fashionable colors have perpetrated the market. Art, fashion, and floral design reimburses this trend and our work looks wonderful and blends easily.

Trends in color we employ are washed out acid neon. Muted grays and blacks are a personal favorite. Earthy and tonal primary colors (yellow, red, blue).

Light browns and skin tones are a huge plus. They blend so well and are so tangible. While muted colors are the trend do not forget to throw a little color in to break things up.

Following the trends is not an easy process. It takes time, dedication, and a general interest. Keeping in touch with fashion and art is extremely important. Fashion moe than any other design process establishes and develops the tones that are so important but subtle in the development.

Thanks for reading...

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Written by Michael Daigian and Adam Iscoff - Daigian

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