Friday, July 17

AIFD Kansas City Floral Symposium

Michael Daigian, Nixon Tran, Jennifer Lato of Michael Daigian Design recently returned from the AIFD annual floral symposium. The AIFD gathering is a collection of floral designers from across the United States for educational and training purposes. The designers are granted certification and certain designers, like Nixon Tran of Michael Daigian Design, win awards for their unique and beautiful floral arrangements.

This year, the Kansas City Star posted a video interview of Michael Daigian and close friend Jenny Tabarracci. There is also a shot of Nixon Tran working on a lovely dark red arrangement. Then Michael Daigian is interviewed followed by another shot of Michael Daigian and Jenny Tabarracci working together. Follow the link bellow to view the video from the Kansas City Star.


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