Wednesday, July 11

ISES Gala 2012

Last night, our team had an excellent evening at the Annual ISES Gala that took place at the stunning and historic Old Mint in San Francisco. Usually, we would design a few elaborate floral arrangements to feature at the event, but this year we just wanted to enjoy the show. The event was set to have a circus theme along with cuisine from across the world, and the actual outcome had far exceeded our expectations!

Inside the Old Mint, there were several different rooms that had their own unique theme, like Moscow, China, France, India, and Italy. The rooms themselves were dressed from head to toe with perfectly themed decor and delicious cuisine to match.

This little bite by Small Potatoes Catering was composed of a warm biscuit finished with a sweet honey butter, then stacked with buttermilk fried chicken and Tabasco flavored cotton candy!
Here is a photo of the mesmerizing dessert station in the Big Apple-themed room.

Not only was the food great, but the beverage selection was equally enjoyable! They offered sparkling Brut Rose, classic Rye Manhattans, Pisco Sours, and Campari cocktails!

In addition to the excellent food and beverage being offered at the Gala, there were also captivating fire dancers, classic carnival games, hilarious photo booths, sexy samba dancers, tall stilt walkers, and light up hula hoop dancers!

The DJ down below in the vault had the most amazing and high tech holographic sound board.

Above, is a video of the fire dancing entertainment that we could not keep our eyes off of!   
We apologize for the poor video quality.

 Overall, we had a lovely time and wanted to thank ISES and the long list of vendors and sponsors for letting us be part of such a spectacular Gala!

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