Thursday, July 5

50th Birthday Party

On June 30th we helped to celebrate a 50th birthday that was hosted at the lovely St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco. The arrangements we made for this special day were fun, vibrant, and unique along with bright orange and hot pink flowers! The birthday girl ending up loving the "high drama" arrangements we had designed for her party, and we couldn't agree more with her.

We placed mango calla lilies and orange tulips in a tall modern vase that was filled with glass beads and wrapped with hot pink wire giving it a dramatic effect.

The smaller cocktail arrangements were placed in a sherbet orange terracotta vase filled with hot pink roses and orange dahlias.

The high drama centerpiece we designed for the front entrance was made in a tall cylinder vase that was lined with kumquats, lemons, and glass beads. We used LED lighting at the base of the cylinder to illuminate the beads, and we also strung them amongst the branches creating a unique and modern arrangement.

It's always a pleasure for us when we get the chance to use our creativity and skills in designing something outside the box that has a "wow" impact!

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Wenni Donna said...

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