Friday, June 22

How To: Mexican Paper Flowers

One of our lead floral designers, Nixon Tran, got crafty this week by creating some Mexican paper flowers to use within a Mission District-themed floral arrangement. The designing process is simple and the ending look is festive and fun.

What you need: Pipe cleaner and Tissue Paper (we used two different colors for our flowers)

Step 1: Cut the tissue paper into large rectangles and stack them neatly.

Step 2: Make several tight folds back and forth until it begins to look almost like an accordion.

Step 3: Tie off the middle of the tissue paper by using the pipe cleaner.

Step 4: Begin to spread the folds and peel the tissue paper away from each other.

Step 5: Continue to fluff and adjust the tissue paper to create a round robust flower.

The finished product!

In addition to the paper flowers, we added vibrant dahlias and sunflowers to create a elaborate and full Spanish-inspired centerpiece!

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