Thursday, April 12

Movies: The Five-Year Engagement

Tom and Violet are finally getting married! We are so excited at Michael Daigian Design for this movie, The Five-Year Engagement, to come out on April 27th 2012. We had a great time designing florals for the key events in the movie...but we are not going to tell you all of them will ruin the surprise. The movie is going to be hilarious especially since it is coming from the producers of Bridesmaids. Once the movie is out we will post pictures of the scenes that we designed the florals for...but here are some images from The Five-Year Engagement site that show a few of the florals that we provided for the movie.
Floral designs for Tom and Violet's wedding
Centerpiece for roof top table where Tom proposes
Floral designs for their engagement party at The Drunken Pig
Check out the official website for all the details on the big day! Tom and Violet also have their own wedding blog where you can following the whole planning process of their big day. 
The happy couple, Tom and Violet
 We have been really lucky to have designed florals for many movies over the past 20 years or so. We did Milk, Bicentennial Man, Sister Act and Heartbreak Kid to name a few. We are excited to add The Five-Year Engagement to that list. We hope you all have a great time at the movie!

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