Tuesday, April 3

Inspiration: Horti-Couture

On the cover of the April/May 2012 issue of Fusion Flowers there is a breathtaking red gown made entirely out of red flowers! When you flip to the article you see behind the scene shots of what it took to make this "Horti-Couture" gown.

We cannot get over how amazing the dress is and the amount of labor it took to create it. 7 trained designers worked 9 hours straight to make the main part of this Naomi rose petal dress where each petal was attached by hand to the fabric dress form with florist's cold glue. They then worked through the night to create the intricate hem of the gown to look like "living lace" with carnations, spray roses, chrysanthemums with a hand gilded gold leaf center and more Naomi rose petals. After it was all said and done they glued on an amazing 10,000 Naomi rose petals to create this Horti-Couture gown.

Joe Massie the designer created this one of a kind look for ASDA's National Valentines Day 2012 campaign.

We can appreciate the workmanship of hand gluing the flowers in the Naomi rose petal dress since we have first hand experience in what it is takes to do that.

Couture floral dress by our lead designer Jennifer Lato. She used Cherry Blossoms for the entire dress, Orchids for the necklace and belt, Wax Flower for the top of the bodice and Black Eucalyptus for the trim
Large rosette bridal bouquet made with ivory rose petals hand glued to form a "larger than life" garden rose.

Bouquets to Art 2010 display in Gump's display window. We created this ballet inspired dress with a Birch bark bodice, succulent detailing, ivory rose petal bodice and an ostrich feather skirt.
We hope this inspires you as it did for us!

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