Friday, December 30

Real Weddings: Burlingame Country Club

This wedding might be familiar to a few of you, we did a post about having a Plan B with an outdoor wedding in May after we worked on this wedding. We now have elegant shots from the wonderful Anna Kuperberg to show off the Modern Classic designs we created for Eloise and Ryans wedding and the nice weather that held up through the ceremony. Thank you to Stacy from Stacy McCain Events for making everything run smoothly and working out a Plan B just in case of rain. Thank goodness we got to go with Plan A but it's best to always be prepared for the worst.

The bride kept her bouquet classic with all white peonies but we added modern twists to the reception with wheat grass, Kermit mums and moss balls. One of our favorite pieces of the wedding was an iron birdcage that we adorned with flowers, moss and greenery to look as if the flowers had grown there naturally, it was enchanting.

Eloise and Ryan's story of how they met re-instills the belief in fate. It all started when Ryan left a note on Eloise's father's car to see if he would be interested to sell it...he didn't get the car but he got the girl. Every couple has a funny or cute story about how they met, incorporate it in the wedding somehow to share the story with your guests and use it to add personal touches throughout the wedding.

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