Monday, December 5

Back in the posting spirit!

Phew!.....It has been such a busy wedding season that we have not kept up with our posts and now we are into full on Holiday mode!! To get back into the posting spirit we are going to start off with something fun and crafty.....

The Holidays can be pretty hectic so we have put together 10 quick tips to easily add some spirit and cheer into your home this Holiday season.

Michael Daigian's
Top 10 Holiday Decorating Tips

  1. Do you still have pumpkins from Halloween? Instead of throwing them away, spray paint them gold and they become a perfect holiday decoration.
  2. Antique Pomegranates by sprinkling them with water and spraying them with gold spray paint. Arrange them in a decorative bowl-instant centerpiece!
  3. If you couldn’t tell already gold spray paint is a must on hand item for decorating for the holidays.
  4. When decorating your home with holiday greenery use Juniper or Cedar branches, they don’t drop needles.
  5. Lighting your Christmas tree can be hard work. To make sure you have an even pattern stand back and squint at the tree, I know it sounds odd. It will blur everything else out but the lights and you will see if your glowing lights are evenly spaced out.
  6. To stretch your holiday decorating budget mix artificial and real floral elements to adorn your home.
  7. Want a custom wreath that represents your design aesthetic? Purchase a cedar wreath already made and wire on your own personal touches. It could be berries, special ornaments, fruit, ribbon or cording.
  8. When decorating your home or tree with bows always make your own. A homemade bow has more personality than a store bought machine made bow, because they look machine made.
  9. Take twigs or branches from around your property, spray paint them red or gold and you have a modern holiday element to add to your home. Arrange in a vase alone or add to your wreath or holiday garland.
  10. If you are re-using holiday candles from last year, take an old iron and renew the tops of the candles. Hold the iron flat on the top for a few moments and it will make the candle look like new.

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