Monday, November 26

How to: Holiday Wreath

Holiday wreath making tips & tricks

 from Michael Daigian

  1. When buying your wreath ring make sure you buy a double wire ring. This will prevent the wreath from becoming an oval.

  2. Pick greenery that does not drop needles when it dries. Avoid Douglas fir. The best evergreens to use are pine, cedar and juniper.

  3. To make your wreath unique and contemporary add interesting accents such as eucalyptus pods, tallow berries, succulents, bromeliads, birch bark strips and mossy branches.

  4. Cut all your materials first into shorter pieces, length depends on the size of the wreath.

  5. Make little bundles of your materials before you start and wrap them with rubber bands, wire or twine. You will need about 30-40 small bundles of material for an 18”-24” ring.

  6. Use spool wire to wrap the materials to the ring and pull tight so when you let go of the spool it does not unravel. 20 gauge wire works the best.

  7. To begin your wreath start with one of the bundles of material that has some longer pieces in it. This will cover the empty space that the end piece will leave.

  8. If you end up with a blank space where your wreath ends place your bow there and you will not have to worry about filling it with greenery.

  9. If you want to your wreath to be lit I would recommend using a 35 light strand for a standard 18”-24” wreath. Start wrapping the lights from one side of the top or bow and continue all the way around. Make sure you tuck the strand into the wreath as you go this way you will just see the glow of the lights when you are finished not the wiring.

  10. You can add in the larger accents like ornaments, pine cones or acorns after the wreath is complete with a hot glue gun.



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