Monday, March 26

Macy's Flower Show 2012

If you have not seen the Macy's Flower Show or have not heard of it, we suggest you stop on by Macy's Union Square and check it out. Macy's painted a great picture with this description "Step into paradise at Macy's Union Square! Stroll through beautiful gardens & landscapes inspired by Carnaval, lush tropical rainforests, timeless Colonial Brasilia and Brasilian landscape artist Roberto Burle Marx." We could not have said it better ourselves.
Michael had the honor of opening this show with his "Bouquet of the day" which actually is on display for 4 days. We installed it late last Thursday night and it has been on display for customers since Friday March 23rd but today is the last day to see it in person. We had a great time at Macy's VIP breakfast on Friday morning that kicked off the Flower Show. Michael got up and spoke about his inspiration, answered questions and took photographs in front of his creation with everyone that admired his piece.
Michael's inspiration was his own trip to Rio de Janeiro many years ago where he saw the magnificent rainforests, the captivating waterfalls and beautiful ancient Brazilian architecture.
Thank you Macy's for having us be 1 of the 4 talented designers a part of the Flower Show 2012!

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