Monday, March 28

How do I keep up with the Industry Trends.

The floral and event industry is constantly evolving. Every day there seems to be a new trend that just popped out of nowhere, whats new is old whats old is new again. How does one keep up? Well, by attending Open Houses like the one Classic Party Rental held last week.
As I walked through the party there were amazing table displays that were promoting Classic's newest lines of rental items. They were right on target with the trends that are forecasted for the coming years. It was an impressive display that left inspirational ideas with my team that attended the event.  Florists from the Bay Area were invited to do a display for one of the four "element " themed rooms.  I had chosen the fire room and sure enough our piece was red hot with hues of oranges, reds and fuchsias that complemented the room.

A big thank you to Classic Party Rentals for holding this amazing event. Please check out the photos from Doorstep Photography!

I will be attending Hartmann's open house this Wednesday and can't wait to see what they have in store for us!

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