Thursday, November 5

New Review From a Recent Bride and a New Tile Logo!

Glowing review from recent Michael Daigian Design bride Jill S. Thanks Jill, we hope you enjoyed your wedding experience and are pleased that we were able to meet your expectations.


My expectations were far exceeded.

A professional event planner recommended Michael Daigian when I inquired about a florist for my wedding (I was married on October 10th at the Mark Hopkins hotel). My mom was in the corporate events industry for 25 years and we took this recommendation rather seriously.

I was absolutely thrilled with the amount of attention I received from Michael and Jana throughout the entire process. Their company is held in very high regard in the SF Bay area. They do not (as far as I understand) deliver flowers to consumers. As a B2B business, their focus on on events of great scale. Unlike other florists, they do not get bogged down with individual residential orders.

Not only did they provide the florals (which far exceeded my expectations) but they constructed a wedding canopy, topped with flowers, that was the most beautiful I have ever seen. It was stunning. They also provided up-lighting, which transformed the room into an elegant, ambient ballroom. Last, they decorated each table with candles and set up table luminaries.

They are more of a private events company rather than just a florist. No florist could possible compete with Daigian.

Jill S.


We would also like to introduce our new Michael Daigian Design tile logo!

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