Monday, August 3

Michael Daigian Design: Sustainable Floral Art

Sustainability and low carbon footprints are one the topics of intense discussion. In small business, individuals are constantly working on ways to increase the use of sustainable materials and reduce our carbon footprint. They are also working to find ways to market and introduce these ideas to the consumer.

MD Design has implemented quite a few steps to reduce our carbon footprint. We have stopped sending paper invoices to our clients, unless they specifically request one. We find that emailing invoices not only saves paper and costs, our clients welcome the ideas as it keeps their desks from becoming cluttered! We have also stopped sending out paper marketing materials in exchange for customizable emailed documents and our wonderful blog!

But some business practices have carbon footprints that are much harder to reduce or contain. MD Design is still waiting for the first hybrid delivery van. In exchange, we improve efficiency by carefully planning our delivery routes and constantly checking the mechanics of our vans and air pressure in the tires.

In the argument regarding sustainability, carbon footprint, global warming, eco-conscoiusness and all the other nomenclature surrounding the global warming debate, too little importance is placed on reduction. This video from National Geographic demonstrates the impacts of small changes on a national or global level.

If all automobiles increased efficiency by 5 mpg, the reduction of fossil fuel emissions would be tremendous. (examples) Cutting our impact on the environment and carbon dioxide drastically. Small changes on massive scale might be our only chance in having a profound impact in cutting our carbon footprint. While a lot of this is wishful thinking, MD Design is considering bringing these ideas into our floral design ethics.

MD Design would like to introduce our slant on the sustainable floral arrangement.

This arrangement features sustainably grown Dahlias and Curly Willow. Both relatively low impact floral goods, grown using minimal watering and no heat.

The succulents are hybrid Echeverias. These are quite common and when the flowers in our arrangement have died (we are still working on this one) pull the Echeverias out and plant them in your garden, planter, or pot on a windowsill.

Last but not least, the square vase is made from recycled glass and can be reused for other flower arrangements, potpourri, or any other eco-conscious idea...

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